Esther's Gaucho Derby adventure 2021

500 km paardenrace door Patagonië

Race informatie 2019

4th August – Pre-Race Training Day 1
Half day classroom session in Ulaanbaatar covering the technical
kit, rider satellite tracking, race rules & management,
communication protocols, support systems and more.
In the afternoon we’ll travel to the start camp on the steppe
followed by a hefty Mongolian banquet in the evening.

5th August – Pre-Race Training Day 2
The first day on the steppe is all about meeting the horses.
Specific training sessions will include veterinary briefings and
comms protocol testing. The main event is an afternoon ride.

6th August – Pre-Race Training Day 3
The final day of pre-race training includes the medical briefing
and race back up systems and the main event is the navigation
ride in full kit using your satellite trackers and GPS. Essentially a
dress rehearsal.

7th August – LAUNCH DAY
The big day starts with your final weigh out to check your kit.
You’ll warm up your horse for a racing start to the world’s longest
and toughest horse race.

16th August – Race finish, ceremony & party
The final day of racing followed by the awards ceremony and
legendary finish camp party. Massages and medics on site. And
quite a lot of Mongolian vodka.

17th August – Return to Ulaanbaatar
After breakfast at the finish camp we’ll transfer you back to

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